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Flying Cowboys #HeavierOut Clean Up Kit

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#HeavierOut kits!

Go #HeavierOut with this Flying Cowboys official Cleanup Kit!  You will be ready to make a difference in any trashy situation with this package of supplies. 

The kit contains:

  • High Quality LARGE Flying Cowboys Leather Work Gloves
  • TWO - 65 gallon SUPER HEAVY DUTY 4mil garbage bags
  • A length 550lb Paracord
  • All Weather Aircraft Grade #HeavierOut Decal
  • Small bottle of Flying Cowboys Hand Sanitizer - garbage can be gross

Thank you for your support of the Flying Cowboys #HeavierOut airstrip clean up campaign.

If out of stock we will ship your kit as soon as stock is replenished!
How can you help #HeavierOut


    1. Post your clean up activities on social media and use the #HeavierOut hashtag!

    2. Share this product page on your social media!  (see that share button? hit it!)

    3. BUY THIS KIT!

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*Kit weighs 2lbs to ship... We are not amazon and are doing our best to get shipping costs down.