Trent Palmer

Trent Palmer in front of FreedomFox

Trent Palmer with FreedomFox


I direct flying robots in the film industry, and drive a big tired Kitfox on the side. I prefer dirt to pavement and enjoy making fun videos along the way.

About the plane:

My plane that I call the "FreedomFox" is a Series 5 Kitfox STI. The "STI" stands for STOL Inspired, which is Kitfox Aircraft's "short take-off and landing" specific wing and landing gear package. The FreedomFox is running a Rotax 915iS Turbocharged/Fuel Injected engine making about 141hp. I like to think of her as the little kitfox that could, as I am normally flying with very high horsepower supercubs and carbon cubs that set a very high bar to keep up with. The kitfox, when flown correctly, holds its own even against the big boys!

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