Mark Patey

2017 STOL DRAG World Champion

Mark Patey with his Carbon Cub

Mark Patey with his Carbon Cub
“You only get a certain window to break the record, and we were trying to wait for good tailwinds,” Mark Patey, AKA Mike Patey, AKA One of the Patey Twins, AKA the Twin that runs Best Tugs.

Born in Salem, Oregon, in 1972, Mark started life as a high-energy, curious child. In the fifth grade, Mark was "diagnosed" (by an unqualified counselor) as having ADHD, and was put in a special education class with the mentally handicapped and school "trouble makers." Although he was quickly removed from the class, that label would stick with him for the rest of his life. However, not being inclined to limitation, Mark went on to build multiple successful companies, starting the first at the age of 15 and employing hundreds by the age of 21.

Mark received recognition for breaking the Transcontinental World Speed Record. Flying a self-built airplane across the United States, he bested Howard Hughes’ January, 1937 record by 6.68 mph.

Mark enjoys collecting, building, and flying airplanes, and donates his time and personal helicopter to the Utah County Search and Rescue. In 2010, the state of Utah awarded Mark with The Citizen Lifesaving Award.

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