Jason Sneed

Join me and the rest of the flying cowboys as we fly around the western united states and land where nobody has landed before.

Jason Sneed leaning on his Carbon Cub EX

Jason Sneed leaning on his CARBON CUB EX

Jason Sneed was born in Pensacola, Florida.
His love of flight began early, thanks to both of his grandfathers.
One gave him his first taste in a v-tail Bonanza at the age of 18 months and as he grew older, he was able to work on his other grandfather’s full-sized MD F-4J Phantom II Blue Angel replica in his garage.

By age 13, Jason had earned enough money cleaning yards to purchase a Commodore 64, which he used to practice proficiency in instrument flying.

In 1999, he completed training in his Cessna 140 and has since acquired instrument and multi-engine commercial ratings.
With 2 airplane builds under his belt, a Rans S7S and a Carbon Cub, he is currently working on “Deception”, a 330 hp Carbon Cub.

He is a member of the “Flying Cowboys” and has a profound passion for flying, which he shares with everyone he meets.”

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