Cory Robin


I’m Cory Robin. Let's have adventures together!

Cory Robin points to Ghost

Flying Cowboy, Cory Robin, always finds a way to make any trip into a backcountry flying adventure in "Ghost" his Cubcrafters Carbon Cub EX! Ghostrider! 

All with the hope to entertain, inspire, and just get out there and have fun and share the experiences I enjoy.

I hope to also be able to meet some of you on my journey in this wonderful world of aviation!

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  • My wife and I just watched your “Bush Pilot Go Around” – very much enjoyed it! My wife likes the music you used particularly flying near the dunes (from ~11:30 or so). Can you share the artist / track? We went to the link ( and spent quite a while trying to find it there but have not had much luck.
    by the way I have been watching videos by you and the other Flying Cowboys. Makes me want to get my pilot certificate!

    Mike Markert

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