Slow and Low to Oshkosh: Join the Annual 2023 Aviation Pilgrimage

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For more than a decade, the annual "Flying Slow and Low to Oshkosh" pilgrimage, led by Cory Robin, has been a cherished tradition among aviators worldwide. The unique event brings together a community of pilots who share a love for aviation, and 2023 promises to continue the tradition with the theme of "Sharing the Journey". This year, we focus on making the trip safer and even more fun.

Cory extends an open invitation to all pilots comfortable cruising between 70-150mph. And in the spirit of "Sharing the Journey", he encourages every participant to bring along someone who hasn't experienced this grand adventure. The journey kicks off at the Utah Gather @U42 on Tuesday, July 18th. Each stop presents the choice of hangar camping or a hotel stay.

The 2023 pilgrimage includes an exciting addition: participation in the National STOL Series/Sodbusters event @KHXF on Saturday, July 22nd. And as always, the grand finale is the arrival at Oshkosh @KOSH on Sunday, July 23rd, where group RVs and tents at Camp Scholler could be an option.

Flying into the world's busiest airspace can be intimidating. But with Cory and his experienced team providing thorough briefings and guidance, you'll feel comfortable and confident. To get a sense of what awaits, check out Cory’s popular web video series on his YouTube channel

Cory and the team put considerable effort into organizing the trip, planning fuel stops, arranging for food, and creating fun events, all to ensure a memorable experience. Remember, Cory never accepts any money for his efforts. His aim is to keep costs to a minimum so the focus remains on fun and shared aviation passion.

Join the Facebook group for updates and to connect with fellow participants.

"Fly Slow and Low to Oshkosh" 2023 is more than just a trip, it's a journey promising unforgettable moments, extraordinary people, and a shared love for aviation. We look forward to seeing you there!

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